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All books of Saifurs books Publication is very famous in Bangladesh, every student chose S@ifur's Publish book, because books of saifurs is very easy to read.  you can read and purchase your books from hare. S@ifur's Have lot of books such as Passport To Grammar, 4G Newest Grammar, Zero to Hero in English, HSC English 1st and 2nd Paper, EMBA admission Guide, Saifurs Vocabulary , Student Vocabulary Etc... 

VOCABULARY মনে থাকে না, সমাধান কী

১. Vocabulary মনে থাকে না, সমাধান কী?

২. এতো Grammar-এর রুল পড়ে নিজে বানিয়ে লিখতে পারি না - কী করব?

৩. অনার্সে Economics, Finance, Physics, Law না Political Science নিয়ে পড়ব - সিদ্ধান্ত নিব কিভাবে?

৪. BCS ক্যাডার হতে চাইলে Science, Arts নাকি Commerce নিব? 

৫. কাঙ্ক্ষিত Medical - Engineering - Varsity কোথাও চান্স পাইনি, কী করব?

6. Job Recruitment Test-এ ভালো করতে পারছি না - কী করব?

7. Varsity-র English Text বইগুলো পড়ে বুঝতে প্রবলেম হচ্ছে - কিভাবে বুঝব?

8. varsity ভর্তি পরীক্ষায় কেন every year কম বেশি 90% candidate English-এ ফেল করে?

প্রশ্নগুলোর উত্তর ঢাকা ভার্সিটির প্রাক্তন শিক্ষক ও S@ifur's-এর প্রতিষ্ঠাতা সাইফুর স্যারের ইশশশ ক্লাসে পাবেন 

কিছু জানার থাকলে - 01713432002 (sms) IS OFFICIAL WEBSITE is S@ifur's orginal web site, you can get all information about Saifurs. Branch address is available there. you can get course (IELTS, Spoken English, Writing And Grammar, Phonetics, BCS, Bank Job all course of Saifurs is available in Saifurs Head office phone no 01613432034. Panthapath Branch 01613432026, Jatrabari Branch 01613432009, Uttara Branch 01613432014, Malibag Branch 01613432011, Khulna Branch 01613432081, Sylhet Branch 01613432008, Lalmatia Branch 01613432021, 

S@ifur’s was established with the goal of providing quality training to the people of Bangladesh. The vision of the company is to impart English and professional skill-oriented training to the students and professionals for their excellence in relative fields. In S@ifur’s we love to learn about the use of modern languages and to help our learners incorporating those. We understand the significance of being dynamic, which motivates us to incorporate updated information in our training materials, which secure the intended success of our learners. 

As the pioneer of the industry, S@ifur’s has introduced a handful number of language training, aptitude enhancement, and career development programs. The numerous success stories of the learners of S@ifur’s are the evidence of our excellence. We take pride in disclosing that a record number of students have become successful enrolling into one of the courses of the company. 

With an enchanting, hardworking, and friendly student body; supportive parent community; dedicated, dynamic, and professional trainers as well as amazing administrative staff, S@ifur’s family has fostered an efficient learning environment to fulfill all of its learner’s dreams. Welcome to your future, Welcome to the door of destiny, Welcome to S@ifur’s.